Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let the celebrations begin!

Day after tomorrow I will be 38 years old. The celebrations have already begun in the office and I have been showered with so much love that I'm overwhelmed and joyous beyond words. Here are my gifts. What you don't see are the hugs and the love I've received and that is more valuable than any gift I could ever receive. I might cry as I write this.

The celebration started with Bhavnaa's lovely symbolic gifts. The sweets so that I won't give up sweets altogether. The yellow rose symbolises friendship. The baby Buddha which is my favourite symbolises youth, happiness and the hope that I will have a little bundle of joy soon. A heartfelt letter. Bhavnaa and many others think it's hi time I became a mom. All in good time my friends! Thanks Bhavnaa! You're adorable!

Claudia gave me this beautiful candle and the necklace both of which I love. Don't miss the lovely packaging. Sauce does it well! Thank you Claudia! You're a rockstar!

And here are the lovely gifts from Samantha. The box says "Parul's box" as in Pandora's box. My friends know how I love boxes. Lovely bottles of bubble bath, cream and little soap which I also love. I always steal little soaps from hotels. The fourth charm on my Pandora bracelet is the music charm and the little heart shaped card says," Music makes it better" It certainly does. Thank you Sammie for the music (especially Lana del Rey's 'Blue Jeans') and the love!
The birthday weekend will begin today evening. We will drop my baby Ninna at a friend's house and check into a resort and spa at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Massages, Facials and the beach beckons thanks to my sweetheart of a husband Anshu the man. ( Wow the urge to make three smileys is overwhelming!!)


UknowMe said...

I'm so happy you loved everything. I totally loved what the others got you. I think you're one lucky lady! By the way, you ought to try those sweets, they are literally heavenly. I thought really hard before giving you the sweets, but I couldn't resist. Do try it and let me know what you think.

Well, all in all, I wish you the very best for the coming year :) I know you're going to celebrate your birthday in style, i.e, day after, thanks to your hub ;)

Wish you all the success for the coming solar year (as we say in astrological terms) :)

Cherish :)

soulitude said...

My eyes have welled up reading ur post! :) SO overwhelming! And its so nice to see and know that you are surrounded by people who love u so much! Cos u deserve it :) My gift will reach u late :( and Im feeling horrible about it but Im looking on the brighter side that u can think that the bday celebrations will continue till then ;) In a way I feel indebted to the people who are with you everyday as they play sucha big part in taking care of my dearest friend and keeping her happy and smiling! I hope the coming year brings tons of joy and happiness in every area of your life! And to begin with I am sure u will usher it in in style and elan at the resort with your soulmate :) Love u lots and pots :)
( And pls dont resist the urge to put smileys :))