Monday, June 18, 2012


There are some words that I will nearly always spell wrong like immedeately (correct spelling - immediately) and Porche (Correct spelling Porsche). I just corrected the spelling of Porsche or else Anshuman will never forgive me. So I'm going to start editing a client's book soon. It's an informational book and needs structure and a fair bit of rewriting. The writer is only 19 years old so it's quite a feat and took her only 8 months to write it. I have another friend who has nearly finished writing a book about astrology. I met another friend after many years last week. He is writing a novella with six short stories and has finished one story.

I see a lot of books by Indian authors on the shelves when I go to Bombay or Delhi. I give them points for effort. The first one that comes to mind is Chetan Bhagat with his first book Five point someone. Crappy book that went on to become an average movie. When I read it I couldn't believe how popular it had become. Chetan Bhagat has now become a motivational speaker cum youth icon. I would shoot myself in the head before I consider Bhagat any kind of icon or even a writer. OK so I hate him. I prefer Shobha de's first few books, at least they don't have pretensions.

Suddenly I feel like reading 'Unbearable lightness of being'. I love Milan Kundera. He's responsible for so much of the way I've felt through my twenties. I should have left him behind but he has tagged along with me in to my late thirties. I have a feeling I would still be sitting at a park bench with a copy of 'Love in the time of cholera' when I'm eighty.

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soulitude said...

Nice one! I have tried to read 5 point someone and 2 states. Both I cudnt finish! I just cudnt get myself to read beyond a point! Iv read some other nice books by indian authors! Quite nice. Ofcourse Iv forgotten the names and the authors! Will come back someday. And I havent read the other author that uv written about though I have heard a lot about the book that U have mentioned!