Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fifteen minutes

It's fifteen minutes to the weekend and honestly I can't wait to get in my car blast the Mission Impossible theme and feel like Ethan Hunt for half an hour. Ofcourse the music is going to be on repeat. In my car that goes without saying! So a couple of days ago I was playing around with something called Photomania on facebook and above was one of the many results. If you like this one tell me and I will post more. On the other hand I might post more anyway because as you know by now 'I'm so vain I think every song is about me'. (I'm so tempted to make a smiley but I'm going to resist.)

Somehow I like the colours and the random writing on the picture. Somehow it's very appropriate to this blog. Colourful and random. Anshuman often calls me the random variable and that's mostly because of the way I play poker. He's pretty good at poker but he finds it nearly impossible to read what I'm going to do next. There is no rhyme, reason or method to the way I play. The reason for that is simply that I am really just following instinct. There is no reason and there is no method. Much like life wouldn't you say?

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soulitude said...

For starters I love the pic! I love the app which u used ! And I totally agree .. sometimes its just about going by ur gut or following ur instinct! Its almost like there is something that is laid out in front of you and you just discover it along the way by trusting ur instinct!:)