Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fabulous day

It started with me being lazy for an hour and having my usual large cup of chai. I love lazy mornings without the rush of getting ready, packing lunch and so on and so forth. I felt like listening to something from the good ol' eighties so I settled for Cutting Crew's 'I just died (in your arms tonight)' on repeat of course. I remember when I first heard the song on TV. Those days the only places you could hear English music was Top of the pop and when the Grammy awards were aired. My dad would hook up the VCR to the TV and I would record the songs I liked. I still remember when Cutting Crew won a Grammy for this song.

Top of the pop brings to mind 'Tarzan boy' by Baltimora and a school party where the boys sat in one corner and the girls in the other. I even remember one of the boys gathering up the nerve to 'propose' to one of the girls. He was on one knee with a rose in his hand. I feel like laughing now but it was rather sweet at the time. The girl and boy in question are of course married to different people and each have two children today. Time changes everything.

So coming back to the day I felt like speeding today and now I'm smart enough to avoid the radars on Sheikh Zayed Road. It was so much fun speeding and singing on my way to work. And to top it all off someone gave me a lovely genuine compliment. So thank you darling universe. I love you. 

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soulitude said...

The universe loves u too! And so do I!!! ;) I loved that song too! I love the way it begins! It almost sounds like " Whaaaaaa" :) What an awesome number!