Thursday, June 28, 2012


I think this is a good time to thank the universe for so many things that have come my way without me even lifting a hand. My friends that I met by chance as I was going along merrily through life. Every time I have been in doubt and wondered if I can get through a difficult time it's almost like a cloak of good energy surrounds me in the form of friends and family. I'm so grateful that I'm loved and like how! I cannot say touchwood enough.

I remember a long time ago I went to a temple, one of my rare visits to a holy place. For the first time I was very angry at God or universe or whatever one might call it. The temple was just symbolic of that power which we don't understand sometimes. So as I said I was very angry and for the first time instead of just saying thank you as I normally would in a holy place I asked for specific things. I rattled away a list of things I wanted and I was clear that I must have those things or else I will never feel gratitude again or even make an effort to acknowledge or understand a higher divinity.

Today I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only did I get everything I asked for I got so much more and not to forget I'm equally thankful for all that I didn't get. As they say in poker a good 'fold' is just as important as a good 'raise'.

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