Sunday, June 03, 2012

Long drive

Well it's Sunday and here I am back at my desk with a cup of hot soup. The good news is that I had a lovely weekend and the bad news is that I still don't have a car. Without going in to too much detail it would suffice to say that I lost my temper on Saturday afternoon with the after sales people at Mitsubishi. Finally Anshuman had to talk to them. All he did was ask for the contact of the Head of after sales and they promised my car would be ready today. To cheer me up he took me to a beach resort and we spent the evening lying on the beach sipping watermelon juice. I had a lovely time and was relaxed.

While coming back we had a bit of fun laughing at the GPS woman giving us wrong directions till we actually reached home. Anshuman calls her sweety in the funniest tone. I laughed all the way home. Ninna was upset with me because we got late but after a few kisses and her bowl of food she calmed down and fell asleep. We watched Harrison Ford and Sean Connery go after the Holy Grail in the old Indiana Jones movie. The rat scene always makes me squeamish.

On Friday we went and watched Snow White and the Huntsman because I like Chris Hemsworth. Anshuman says I like tall, burly men who look like oafs. Case in point being Freddie Flintoff thanks to whom I started watching cricket. For the longest time Anshuman would tell me Freddie was going to bowl soon when the Aussie team was playing and I would watch the whole match like an idiot while he would be happily watching his beloved cricket. I used to hate cricket till Freddie came along. Sad that he doesn't play anymore.

Everything was fine till I had one nightmare after another in the morning. Sometimes I would like to find out what my subconscious wants from me but then may be I already know. May be I ignore it so much it speaks in louder tones every morning. Some day I'll have to listen. I'll have to.

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