Saturday, June 23, 2012

Checkin' in

Just saying hello! I'm back home after a lovely weekend away. There's so much happiness to share and I don't have all the pictures on this computer to tell the story well. Hmmmm... let me try to email everything from my phone to gmail and then to the blog. Technology I tell you, sometimes I love it and other times I hate it. Actually most of the time I love it. So hang on lemme try...

So we checked in to a lovely suite done up in warm hues with an impossibly fat comforter. It was lovely and I didn't even have to make the bed!

The lovely living area came with purple flowers and candles. I got a swedish massage and a rose facial, managed to read half a book and sleep in the afternoon. Two days went by like the wind and we headed home happy and relaxed.

We had left Ninna with a friend who has three dogs and a sprawling lawn. This is Kaya the girl pug. There is another pug called Gunther who is just as adorable.

And that big hulk is Taz who fell in love with Ninna and she loved him right back when she wasn't busy bullying him. My friend Guddi said she had him eating out of her paw. That's my girl.

Wherever he went, she went and wherever she went he followed faithfully.

Goodbyes are always hard. When Ninna got in to the boot of the car Taz jumped in and refused to get out for a while. Guddi promptly called him "Judas!"

This bouquet of lilies arrived at exactly midnight last night and as you can see I couldn't stop smiling!!

Finally we headed home. And the evening rolled on in familiar comfort of drying clothes, dusting the house, changing the linen, some incense and I replied to all the birthday wishes on Facebook. There were so many, it was lovely. 

This birthday more than anything I've felt truly loved and that is my biggest blessing. I must've done SOMETHING right! Goodnight folks!

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