Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee love again

I love Starbucks. Oh wait I've said that before. That's the great thing about a blog you can repeat stuff and be prefectly OK with it. If you go by the temperature outside in sunny Dubai it's a crazy idea to have something hot but like I said I love coffee. Although it's great to have but somehow after exactly 45 minutes it has the opposite effect on me. Instead of being wide awake I begin to feel sleepy. In fact even when I have tea in the night I fall asleep like a log.

Somehow today I woke up thinking it was going to be a difficult day and it has turned out to be a perfect busy day filled with a million things to do. I like busy days, they have a habit of ending well. So here's to (raising my coffee cup) busy days that end well! Actually that was an imaginary cup because I finished the coffee long ago and am trying to drink more water now as my doctor tells me I should. That reminds me I need to call my doctor and figure out if I need to see him or not.

I was talking about change the other day and yes there has come about a change. It's a change that involves the way I see myself, how I recognise myself and the kind of person I want to be. Also like most change it is a challenge of the strength of will. I've asked myself if I'm strong enough many times and it's been an affirmative and yet I'm human and weak and sometimes I go back to my fallible ways. Though this change has the scent of permanence to it and I like that. Instead of the change being something difficult to accept it appears to be something that I have been secretly wanting all this time. I may not approve of the way things have been in the past but this day feels like a beautiful blank paper. I can write everything afresh and throw away the old journal in to the sea never to be found again. I'm happy.

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soulitude said...

Im so happy to hear that. Dont worry .... Main hun na! If u ever find the old journal Il take it and throw it back :)