Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yes! Anshuman surprised me with the queen just when I had been thinking to myself that may be one day I will come across her and be reunited forever or may be not. You can imagine my reaction. I was squealing and jumping all over the living room unable to contain my joy. There she is as elegant and beautiful as ever and there I am content and looking like a hedgehog. Trust me that's an incredibly happy hedgehog. Now you know what happens to chic hairstyles first thing in the morning. Don't say I didn't warn you!

I wanted to take this picture many times over the past couple of days but I wasn't looking very much better than this at any point. I've spent most of my time in bed with Persuasion by Jane Austen waiting for Miss Anne Elliot to be reunited with the handsome Captain Wentworth. A hot water bottle has been my companion as I've been nursing a horrible tummy ache. I'm all better today so nothing to worry about.

Remember the sexy Aprilia bike I spoke about some weeks ago? I chanced upon the owner the other day. He was busy speaking to someone urgently over the phone. He was about five feet eight inches tall, bald and rather lean. So different from the image that had first flashed across my mind. You must never make assumptions about people. What they might look like. How they would behave. Wait to get to know them. Lesson for the day is over and so is this post. You have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely on your wall - it's found a loving new home. Sameera

parul gahlot said...

Thanks Sameera! I do love it soo much :)

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely Parul! Phani

parul gahlot said...

Thanks Phani! I agree wholeheartedly :)