Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sun 'n' sand

So I spent yesterday afternoon at the beach. I had an interesting conversation with my husband. Here goes

Me: Do I irritate you?

A: My world revolves around you.

Me: So I do irritate you?

A: How can my world irritate me. My world is beautiful just like you and beauty is an illusion.

We were sitting in the sun reading our books. Ninna was very unhappy being stuck in the leash. She wanted to sit in my lap and showed her irritation at being left in the sand by peeing on my slippers twice. She rolled in the sand, got her leash stuck around our chairs and I had to bathe her when I got home. She really hates getting water on her face and tries hard to jump out of the tub but I've become quite skilled over the years. I scrubbed her clean and she came out smelling like roses.
The whole world and it's grandmother had descended on the beach so we parked a bit away from the shore. There were some people camping close to us. After a while some more people joined them and started blaring music from their car. Seriously people if you want to party please go to one of the the gazillion hip clubs in Dubai. We looked at each other and decided to head home.

I didn't write yesterday. This January I've missed only two days. That's not too bad I think. 

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