Sunday, February 16, 2014

Treasure hunting

Yesterday was so action packed I might have to hibernate all of today to recover. We took part in a  treasure hunt organised by Dipen the Supreme Commander. Seriously I was amazed at the amount of preparation he would have had to go through to prepare all the brilliant clues. So Ram, Ranjini, Falguni, four children and I made up our team we named Kidsplus. We collected our clue sheets and set off in a big ass car. A small ass car would not have sufficed eight people. Ram drove us all over Dubai as we racked our brains trying

to solve the clues. The funny part was that we had to take a picture of the whole team in front of the building/ solution of the clue. Here we all are in front of the Choithrams at Greens. All the children were superbly behaved and did a great job of tumbling over the middle seat to the back seat n number of times. One of the clues led us to the 200th pillar supporting the metro. I wanted to make sure that the said pillar was at Burjuman so I called Road and Transport Authority helpline. I asked the helpful woman at the other end where exactly was the 200th pillar. The poor woman was flummoxed and became silent for a few seconds and then put me on hold. I'm sure she had a good laugh and told a couple of her colleagues about the crazy 200th pillar woman. She came back on line and said,"I'm so sorry ma'am we don't have that information. Well we were all laughing a little bit but desperate times call for desperate measures.

It was great the way the adults and the kids worked together frantically solving clues, laughing together, getting thrown forward every time Ram hit the brakes too hard. In his defense he was strapped for time and drove like a star. I admit several times I was sure I would go through the two front seats and hit my head on the gear stick. It was so exciting and fun. I can't wait for next year! Of course the team will remain the same goes without saying.

All in all it was a great day driving and running around all over the city. The cherry on the cake was that we won!!


Dipen Mehta said...

Ty Parul - glad you enjoyed it.... spread the word next time and get more of your friends to participate!!


parul gahlot said...

Will do Dipen!!

Bee. said...

Nice! Let me know when you'd be taking part next :-) :-)

parul gahlot said...

I will! It was a blast :)

Ranjini Ramnath said...

Good read Parul. Enjoyed reliving it through your piece.

parul gahlot said...

Thank you Ranjini :)