Monday, February 10, 2014

The sweetest people

So I woke up this morning and decided my longish hair needed to get chopped off. Here's the picture of me right after the blow dry. The stylist almost burnt my ear off with the hot round brush and I'm sure I've lost a whole lot of hair thanks to all the pulling and heating. As it is the rate at which I'm losing hair I might have to go Sinead O' Connor in the not so distant future.

Anyway let's talk about happier things like Filipino people. I think they are the nicest people I've ever come across. I was just walking through the mall to get to the salon and these two young Filipinas selling gelato at a kiosk called out to me," Have an ice cream Ma'am!! Very nice!!" I laughed and raised my palm to say no. They continued to smile. I cannot explain why I laughed or why that little moment made me so happy. There's such a happy energy around some people and it's so strong that you can't help but be affected by it.

 Most hair stylists and beauty therapists here are Filipinas and they chatter away with that infectious smile and before you know it you have perfectly manicured nails. I've met a few really creative people in some advertising firms that I've worked for and some of them happened to be from Philippines and they are all without exception really sweet natured. I've never been to their country but I do hope to go there one day. Imagine a whole country where people are sweet and mild mannered. The smiles are spontaneous and genuine. The laughter rings out with a carefree abandon and the eyes have a joyous spark. I'm sure not one of them has a perfect life but when you see one of those wonderful faces crack into a smile, for a small second all is well with the world.

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