Saturday, February 08, 2014


There are many reasons why I've wanted to delete my Facebook account entirely but there were so many reasons for staying on that I hung around and I'm glad I did. The picture on the left is an example of why I mostly enjoy Facebooking. That's Monica a friend from school who I connected with on FB after many many years. This picture made me laugh and it's special because her joy stems from celebrating her sixteenth wedding anniversary in the beautiful Goa. I went through her Goa album and it felt wonderful to see two people still so much in love after journeying together for sixteen years. Here's wishing you a very happy anniversary again Monica and may all your days be blessed!

Yes Facebook is just a snapshot of people's lives and we will never see the whole movie but why not rejoice in the beauty of the snapshot. Another thing I love about FB is that I get to wish people on their birthday. I love wishing people on their birthday. I mean I always sing the birthday song when wishing people. I love it so much that when it's my own birthday my own voice rises the loudest,"Haaaappy birthday toooo meeeee!" Seriously I have friends who will vouch for that fact.


Monica Arora said...

Hey Parul! First of all a tight hug for those lovely wishes and words...I am indeed flattered! And how much I second each and every word of the write up ..... One more thing which I absolutely love about FB is it makes me see so many other beautiful places visited by my friends and cousins that I feel i am almost there living those moments with them :) God bless you, always!

parul gahlot said...

You're most welcome! I love that picture of yours!