Thursday, February 13, 2014


Forgive the stupid filter. Ever since I've got the new phone with the amazing camera I take way too many pictures of myself and then waste some more time trying out stupid filters. So I had to go to Deira to meet someone today and because it rained last night there were some flooding problems on the roads and hence traffic was backed up. I decided to take the metro due to that and also because had I driven I would have definitely got lost. I took the train after a long time.

A pregnant woman got on and before I could get up to give her my seat the young Filipina next to me got up and offered her her seat. None of the men made a move. I was a bit annoyed by that fact but only for a second. Women are just as strong as men. They can very well help a fellow woman or man for that matter. The pregnant woman sitting next to me began talking to the man she was with in French. A couple of women wearing way too much eye shadow and blush were chattering away in Filipino. A young college going girl in loose pants and boots began talking coyly to her skinny boyfriend in Arabic. I couldn't understand what anyone was saying through the entire journey. I sat there smiling to myself and texting Bee (in English of course) who is unwell and living on soup because she can't swallow anything. I got off at Al Rigga station and began walking in the sun. Somehow I managed to drop my bag on the pavement and as I picked it up I was reminded of the fact that I had spilled chai all over myself in the morning and then dal all over my new phone in the afternoon (Thank God I had the sense to get a cover). I prayed the Good Lord will grant me a day when I don't spill or drop something.

I've hardly ever been to Deira. The place I was to reach was above a Russian restaurant called Fantasy. After the meeting I walked in to Fantasy and got myself a bottle of water. There were six people in the restaurant. A woman was working on a small ancient looking acer notebook. Three men were talking to each other intently and an old couple was eating in silence. They all seemed Russian though I can't be sure. There was a huge cake in the display window. It looked quite appealing really plus I've never had honey cake so I got a piece packed for myself. As I was walking out the older woman sitting with the man followed me with her eyes and I smiled at her. She smiled back just as I walked through the door. It's nice when people smile at you. In Dubai it occurs very often that strangers will return your smile. In India the people most likely to smile at you are children. The adults are mostly occupied. I remember mentioning this to my sister and she said,"Here if you smile at someone they'll think you're a psycho." OK she was probably exaggerating.

I walked on and saw a breakfast place. The sun was shining brilliantly through its windows. I walked in and ordered a Manakish. They took an inordinately long time to pack one for me. I was content to sit in the sun and didn't mind squinting my eyes at all. Finally as I got to the metro station they announced my train and I hurried down the escalator but a couple with their little boy didn't let me pass. The train came into the station and people began getting in. I ran towards the doors as they slid closed in front of my nose. "Damn!" I thought. Then I looked up to see that the next train was due in four minutes. You gotta love this city!


Monica Arora said...

lol! reminds me of my Metro incidect today while traveling t wk from Hauz Khas to gurgaon...since it had rained cats and dogs last night, thought of taking the metro as i dread driving during such times esp to Gurgaon. This must be my 3rd or 4th time in a metro. So with my LV bag in place and heels in the bags and wearing a business suit, i set out on my own as confident as ever, with my head held high giving an impresion of this modern intelligent women who doesnt mind traveling with the herds....while getting down the stairs, I see the metro on the rail already waiting, so excitedly i ran and was finally able to make it. Beaming with pride as I had saved on few minutes, luckily got a seat for myself. after a while, the metro started getting empty and by one station it was completely isolated with just 2 people sitting. I took a click of the empty inside and sent to my colleague boasting how convenient traveling by metro is and how proud I feel as an Indian and how cool it was to travel on a valentines day as everyone seems to hav taken an off celebrating the D day. In such nice thoughts running in my mind, I suddenly realise that the metro had started going in the reverse direction and the names of the places it was announcing I had already crossed those. Saw a guy sitting next to me with his hands free on listening n njoying his music. Not giving a damn, I shouted to him with an Excuse me! and checked if the Metro really was going to Gurgaon. after having assured me that it indeed was, I sat back calmly again thanking myself what a wise decision I had taken today. whn again i hear an announcement saying that the next station would be Huaz Khas...Damn! I again luked at that guy as if blaming him completely for the fault. so we finally realised our folly, the metro was only till a particular station which I and the other silly so called frequent metro traveller had missed reading and listeneing to the announcement while boarding in my xcitement. So the pic i had taken was infact when the metro had reached its final destination, lol!

So back to square 1. I again waited to start my journey all over again....cursing the degrees and so called all the knowledge I possessed in all these fucking years. This time head down! So finally when I got into the overcrowded metro, with no place to sit n barely managing to stand on 1 leg, i went phuuuuuuus. I wondered was I still a proud Indian :) plz ignore the long sentences, grammatical mistakes or any other errors....have typed in a middle of somethng imp at wk, lol!

Monica Arora said...

dont know what all i wrote made any sense...will re read later when i am free ;)

Monica Arora said...

another addition- So while I boarded the metro for the second time, my mind kept on replaying the entire scene making me giggle and laugh profusely....what ability I had to laugh at my own folly! a tall guy standing next to me (seemed handsome, as I scanned him from the corner of my eye) saw me having a gud laugh all alone and kept staring for quite soemtime i guess.....and without worrying what all others wud be thinking about me at that point of time, I enjoyed that silly moment at my own

parul gahlot said...

Hahahahaha!! That's hilarious and I'm surprised that BOTH of you made the same mistake! Handsome man in metro - lucky you! I'm sure he was checking you out the whole time you hottie!