Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ibn Batuta aur Joota

So it's the day after the haircut and this is what it looks like now. My Facebook friends assure me that it's rather nice and I've decided to believe them. My husband by the way thinks I resemble Sigourney Weaver in Aliens which is quite alright because if he didn't say something like that he wouldn't be Anshuman.

So I was looking at bags in ALDO and there was a huge mirror so I decided to take a selfie. This lady wearing two different shoes suddenly stood next to me and started checking herself out in her super high heels. I had to take the picture. It's so cute the way she's evaluating her options. I admit I despise high heels. I walk bare feet to the car and then walk back home bare feet with the torture contraptions in my hands. My mother always said that if I wear heels I'm going to develop back problems and somehow it stuck. I actually bought my first pair of stilettos just about four years ago and I only wear them with formal dresses. I've never even worn them to work. And now that I don't work my feet mostly rest comfortably in pink flip flops. I cannot even begin to tell you how dearly I love these flip flops. They feel like clouds.

Ibn Batuta is my favourite mall and not just because it's five minutes away from home. It has colour and character as opposed to other malls which are very nice as well but somehow very steel and concrete. I don't know if I'm making sense. This is the China court and on an evening or the weekend there are always people sitting by the fountain and taking pictures of this huge boat. In Mall of the Emirates I once sat down by the fountain and the security made me get up and

go away.  Ibn Batuta is just really laid back quite like me I think and that's probably why I love it so much. I've always wanted to take a picture of this elephant in India Court. This is probably the most photographed elephant in the world. Anyone who comes to Dubai must visit Ibn Batuta and the trip is not complete without a picture in front of the giant elephant. There is a mahavat riding it and someone sitting on top of the structure on top of the elephant. I'm not sure who that is or what he's doing. May be he's supposed to be Ibn Batuta himself. I don't know. 

This might also be the one place where almost all pictures get photobombed. I mean it's almost impossible to walk by without getting in someone's frame. I always halt several times and then duck and scurry away from the elephant. Now I have a picture of it too with a whole family photobombing it. It's such a sweet family though with parents, grandparents and grandchildren all together.

And here's a selfie I took this morning as the sun poured in gently through the living room window and the Neem tree swayed happily in the cool breeze.


Monica Arora said...

If u wanna feel glamorous, u cant get away with high heels....I must admit, no matter how big the brand is, walking in high heels is a pain if u are in them for more than 4 hrs and walking . Though like Aldo bags, but havn't liked Aldo footwear, it has heels which r just so uncomfortable. wonder why we women hav a fetish for bags and footwear, it's never ever enuf....I can boast of owning LV's, Aldo, Charles & Keith and many other brands, but its just never ever enuf man :) the greed for having more n more is never ending.... wats it that we notice when we see a woman passing by, scan her luks, then the bag n then the footwear...isn't it ;) and if you like then u too wanna possess one of those kinds....wish I too believed n practised 'Simple Living & High Thanking'.........

parul gahlot said...

I think functionality and style should go hand in hand in an ideal world but that almost never holds true for shoes. I don't really have a fetish for shoes or bags to be honest. I have one bag that I ghiso for a couple of years and then simply discard it for a new one. Even the number of shoes I own is limited but that doesn't stop me from browsing away. I do have a soap and perfume fetish though. I have too many of both I'm ashamed to say :P And yes it would be so much better if we could simply satisfy our 'needs' and be happy with it rather than satisfying all our endless 'wants'.