Monday, February 03, 2014

Amidst flowers

So I've been a bit lazy about writing everyday. The first month of the year is over and the second one is challenging my discipline of penning down something each day but I intend to face it head on and keep writing as often as possible. Yes may be not everyday but very very often.

So we went to this place called Miracle Garden on Saturday afternoon. The whole place is filled with colourful flowers in the middle of the desert. There are many places perfect for picture taking and this one is my favourite. There were several cars with flowers growing on them. The Burj Khalifa made an appearance. There was a pyramid and many boats all made of flowers. It was quite pretty and it was nice strolling around the place with my husband for company.

There were these three giant flowery peacocks and there was this white low barrier that no one seemed to be crossing. I happily crossed it to be close to the big birdies. Soon I heard an angry whistle and a security guard was waving at me angrily, gesturing me to get away from the
birdies and out of the enclosure. I raised my hands in surrender and said,"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" He was not amused but everyone else looked quite tickled. I got a picture without getting anyone else in the frame and the guard's angry whistle was totally worth it.

We had lunch at More Cafe and I saw a painting I really liked. As I was about to take a picture of it the waiter said with an annoyed look on his face,"Not allowed ma'am." I replied with another sorry. My day of breaking the rules I think.

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