Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gooey dirt

So sometimes I bulldoze Anshuman into telling me a story and most of the time he obliges with one that he makes up on the spot. Yesterday evening he told me this one.

Once a man was sleeping in the woods. He had big hair coming out of his ears. There was an ant going by and it mistook his hair for a plant and walked into his ear. Now as the ant kept going in it got stuck in the gooey dirt inside the man's ear and she couldn't get out. Now a monkey was watching all this and he thought why not close the man's ear with mud so that the ant is not able to get out. At this point I asked," Why did the monkey want to do that?" He replied," The monkey and the ant were enemies because the ant would often bite him." I was satisfied. So the monkey mixed some mud and cow dung together to make a nice paste and shut the man's ear with it. The ant could no longer breathe and died. "Oh why did the ant have to die?!" I asked to which he replied,"It's just an ant. Listen to the story." Now the man had been dreaming all this time that an ant had got inside his ear and died. So in his sleep he touched his ear and got all the cow dung, gooey dirt and mud on his fingers. He woke up and wondered what to do? He remembered that an earthworm was his friend and he could easily burrow through the dung and mud to get the ant out. So he asked his earthworm friend to do him a favour. The earthworm was only too glad to help. He burrowed into the man's ear and ate the ant along with a lot of the gooey dirt cleaning out the man's hairy ear. The man thanked the earthworm and went along his way. Now there was a river nearby and a fish was swimming happily in it. Suddenly she saw an earthworm and swam towards it to eat it. Now this was the same worm who had helped the man with hairy ears. As she ate the worm she was hooked by the fisherman. He reeled her out of the river. The fish struggled for a while and then died. "Why do people keep dying in your story?" I asked. "It's just an ant and a fish. Now listen to the story." he replied. So then there was a man and wife sitting at home and the man asked the wife what she had cooked for dinner. "Nothing. Just order something." She replied. The man ordered himself a Mutton Rogan Josh and asked his wife what she would like to which she replied,"Goan Fish Curry."

And then I couldn't stop laughing. Anshuman always orders Mutton Rogan Josh from Flavors restaurant and I the Goan Fish Curry.


Monica Arora said...

lolol! love u guys! u seem to have a perfect partner for yourself! Stay blessed!

parul gahlot said...

Thanks so much Monica :)

Minal Varma said...