Thursday, February 20, 2014

Searching for Rahi

You know how it is sometimes you see something so beautiful it seems to pull you in its direction. I came across this painting today at an art exhibition organised by Phani, Sameera and some of their friends. It was a collection of paintings from private collections. This one is from a series of paintings by Pakistani artist Mansoor Rahi done in oil colours. I fell in love with this one as I kept going back to it until I simply settled myself in front of it and admired the artist's knife strokes and the beautiful texture of the painting. Oils glow and it is most satisfying to gaze at them. The colours so soft and soothing, the elegance of the queen's neck, the strength of her expression enraptured me. Mr Rahi is truly brilliant, is considered a national treasure and deserves the accolade judging by this painting.

Good art costs money and if you'd like to add sheer beauty to your life and make a sound investment at the same time I suggest you take this gorgeous queen home. She is still available for AED 6,500 which I'm told on good authority is a great price for a Rahi original.

I read about him online, discovered the various phases of his work but I'm technically illiterate when it comes to art. I can sense it. I can appreciate it. I can gaze at it for long periods of time but if someone begins to talk about the finer points of cubism I find myself lost. The important thing that I did find while searching for Rahi was the series of paintings of which this one is a part of. There are a few brilliant paintings of 'the king and the queen' in the series. There was one in charcoal which took my breath away however I couldn't download the image hence am unable to share it here. On the right is another beautiful one from the series. I downloaded this one just to give you an idea of how amazing the series is.


Preeti said...

It is a pretty painting. Let me know the next time there is another exhibition. Would love to join you.

parul gahlot said...

Hey will do :)