Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Ninna tales

So I've been enjoying walking Ninna all around the place. She attracts a lot of attention with her smushy cute face and most people, at least the ones who aren't petrified of little harmless dogs, smile at her and even pet her sometimes. I end up having short little chats with people thanks to her and I really don't mind. Let me share some of these conversations with you.

There was this guy and a girl with two dogs, a little black furry one and a brown sleek bigger one. The little one is called Bo. Bo is in love with Ninna. He runs up to her, sniffs her and tries to lick her while she growls at him. Bo is one and a half years old while my Ninna is seven. Finally Bo completely surrenders himself to her and lies on his back with his paws in the air declaring his undying love for her by saying in doggy speak,"I'm yours. Do what you will with me." She plays with him a bit and then when she turns and walks away he runs after her until the guy chases him and tells him in a mock angry voice,"Bo she's old enough to be your grandmother!" Bo doesn't care. He just wants to be her toy boy. Once I saw this guy walking Bo alone and of course the dogs ran towards each other and we were obliged to make conversation. I asked him where the girl was that day and if she was his wife or girlfriend? He answered with a slightly melancholy voice," She doesn't live here. She's my girlfriend and she comes here to see me sometimes. I bought Bo for her last year but she didn't keep him so he stays with me now." I felt a little sad for him as he walked away with little Bo frisking along, both of them a little bit hurt by their girls.

Once I was standing and waiting for Ninna to sniff out a good enough spot to pee when a Filipino guy stopped, looked at Ninna for a while, chuckled and said," Your dog is very funny Madame." So I chuckled in reply and thanked him. He's right. She is a funny dog and it's not just her looks. She's generally funny. you should see her skidding, slipping and overall making an idiot of herself right after the manmaid finishes mopping the floor.

Children either love her or squeal in terror for some reason. The irony is that she loves kids. She is incredibly gentle with them. She never runs up towards adults but she pulls at her leash to get closer to a child with all her might. Once a little girl tried to ride her like a horse and she just stood there peacefully while her ears were being pulled. A pair of twin boys who were afraid of her were circling around her once and one of them threw a pebble at her. I asked him,"Why did you hurt her? Did she hurt you?" The kid pointed to his brother and said,"He did it aunty." Kids will be kids. It's the parents' job to each them to be kind to all creatures and I think some of them completely fail at it. It's rather sad really because these children miss out on one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer.

And today I was walking Ninna when I saw a man wearing red bermuda shorts, with earphones, iPod, a cup of coffee, Marlboro reds and a lighter. Ninna decided to stop and sniff and the man approached her. She ran to him as though they were long lost friends. He petted her and once again I was obliged to have a conversation with him.

Bermuda Man: "What's her name?"
Me: "Ninna"
Bermuda Man giggling: "Does she have a boyfriend?"
Me thinking what's wrong with this idiot?: "No she's a nun." She actually is. we thought of mating her and sent her to a vet's place who had a boy French Bulldog. She stayed with him for two weeks and came back a virgin. The vet said,"She just didn't seem interested."

And then I pulled her along and continued to walk. As I was walking back home I saw the Bermuda Man squatting on the ground and talking to his friend. Ninna again ran up to him as if she hadn't seen him for decades. He petted her and she lay down on her side at his feet. She never does that with strangers. I seriously think they must have been in a serious relationship at the very least in a previous life. The man looked up, smiled at me and said,"Now I'm her boyfriend." I smiled back thinking to myself,"Dude you're such an idiot and you don't even realise it which makes you an even bigger idiot." Instead I just said,"She really seems to like you."

His friend who appeared to be a bit more sensible told me they're both from Morocco. I told them Ninna is a French Bulldog. And then his friend topped the Bermuda man and asked me,"Does she speak French?" I managed to smile and said,"No she barks in French." And then I couldn't take it anymore and pulled Ninna up, wished them a good day and walked home.


abhish said...

Good read, like the Moroccan mens sense of humor.. Been born in a family where there has always been a couple of pets around, grew up surrounded by cats and dogs and can't think of life without them..

Parul Gahlot said...

Thanks for coming by Abhish and thanks for your kind words :)