Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Global Village

So Sameera and I went to Global Village and thankfully she drove. I would have been stressed beyond belief if I had to find my way there. I really should get a GPS navigator. We got there and walked around. I got myself a pair of lovely blue shoes at the Turkey Pavilion. The shopkeeper said they were made of real silk and leather. In order to prove his point he tried to light the shoes on fire with a lighter. "It'll burn!" I exclaimed horrified but of course they didn't and I felt a bit silly. He knew what he was doing. I
mean I had to buy the shoes after that little show he put up for my benefit and his. I bargained and he gave in too easily. I should have haggled more but I suck at it so I quietly got my shoes and realised I'd lost Sameera. For about half a second I panicked and then remembered we both have cell phones. And that's the lovely Sameera buying herself a pretty basket. I wish this picture would have been in better focus. Entirely my fault. This shop had some very pretty hats and I tried one on.

I loved this giant hat but I couldn't imagine when and where I would possibly wear it and more importantly as Sameera pointed out where would I possibly keep it. So I got myself a funny picture with it. At the Thailand pavilion these lovely girls were dancing ever so gracefully. I wish they had considered giving them a better background.


Preeti said...

Being quite the resident tourist Parul! Its fun though isnt it?

parul gahlot said...

You bet! I'm loving this vela phase in my life to the hilt :)