Sunday, February 09, 2014

For the love of rain

I'm a pluviophile- a lover of rain someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I'm not sure about the peace of mind but I certainly do find immense joy in the little drops escaping from heavy grey skies. I understand that it is a natural phenomena completely explainable by science but there's something divine about it. It's as though the universe is pouring it's heart out upon the beautiful earth as she absorbs every tiny drop into it's own. It's like a bridge between the heavens and our mortal world or may be the pluviophile in me is imagining things. It's been raining this morning. I woke up, went up to the window, clapped and squealed in delight to the amusement of my husband. He wasn't surprised. He knows how much I love rain.

I've loved rain for as long as I can remember. I would walk slowly home from the school bus if it was raining, happy to get drenched in the rain. In Bombay the living room had two lovely huge glass windows. I would open them wide and sit with my notebook getting soggy as the rain often touched my face and my heart. I would write away. Many of my poems were written on rainy days. At my design institute there was a beautiful lawn that would glisten in the rain and peacocks would come out and dance. Now here I am in this desert city where it rarely rains but sometimes on a day like this the heavens open up and I squeal with delight.


Preeti said...

Enjoy the lovely rain in Dubai today! From my desk at work i have a very bleak view! The bleakness mainly arising from the fact that I am at a work desk :(

parul gahlot said...

Hey Preeti! Yeah the rain in the morning was just so wonderful. I hope you can take a break from work and enjoy the weather outside for a bit. And thanks so much for coming by :)