Saturday, April 27, 2013


The weekend is nice. The dog is asleep and dreaming. She's making cute little noises and it makes me want to hug her tight. So the other day someone said I have a beautiful face. Ofcourse I was very happy as anyone would be and it got me thinking about beauty. Recently I saw a video done by dove. A forensic artist drew portraits of several women as described by themselves and as described by a stranger. Ofcourse they were much prettier as others saw them. We are usually quite critical of ourselves. The mirror doesn't help as every spot, wrinkle and blemish become clearly visible. SO when someone says,"You have a beautiful face." you even go so far as to think that they are probably lying for some sadistic reason. I think all women have an inherent beauty and it has little to do with their physical features. Mostly it has to do with the light in their eyes, with their smile and so many other things. And yet I find it very difficult to think of myself as anywhere close to being beautiful. The husband is no help. I asked him if I was beautiful and he said yes ofcourse. Then I asked him why and he said, "You have a very nice nose like a button- on off on off." Clearly he is no help!

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