Sunday, April 07, 2013

Wedding and rain

Dina got married yesterday and it was a beautiful reception. Arabic music was n loud and everyone danced with joy. Dina looked ethereal in her wedding dress and Elie's sheer joy was visible on his face. I wish the couple love and happiness eternal. They make such a wonderful couple.

I wore a dress that I loved. I also wore heels which were basically instruments of torture and yet I forged on.

And ofcourse I took twenty thousand pictures, one of which is on the left.

Here's another picture of Dina and Elie swirling around at their first dance. So adorable!

It began raining last night. There was lightning and there was thunder and I loved it. It's still raining and I can't believe my Dubai could look like this, all wet and beautiful. There's a cold breeze and little drops of water are everywhere. I love the rain!

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