Monday, April 01, 2013

4, Old Lane

One early morning Shailaja my room mate decided she wanted to shoot people wearing leather jackets and blue jeans. The picture on the left is one of those images. Both the guys are called Rahul and the girl with the lovely smile is Vandana and the girl with the short hair wearing Rahul's borrowed jacket is me.

Another one of Shailaja's shots. That's Vandana with me boh of us posing next to the open brick wall on the girls hostel terrace.

This was taken at a friend's birthday. The lovely dusky beauty next to me is Priya who I'm sure said something really funny! Not to miss I'm wearing one of my long flowing skirts. I love long flowing skirts, so delicate and feminine.

Shailaja my official fashion portfolio photographer :)

All of us gathered together for a shoot on the girls hostel terrace. Tanuja, Anupama and I forgot the guy's name. I still remember this number 10 jersey which I wore for a very very long time.

Getting ready for garba. I do miss dancing garba every year. May be one day I will go back to Ahmedabad just to dance in a circle to the beat of a dhol.

All ready to dance. The only picture in which I have a middle parting.

Another photo shoot on the Girls hostel terrace.

The George Michael poster and the broken guitar that I never could learn to play.

Interviewing someone for my diploma film "Temple on the hill". Gesticulating as always.

The dictionary lamp, the candle holder and the ashtray. i bought this wooden ashtray from the Sunday market in Ahmedabad for 20 rupees. I still have it. I wonder who owned it before I did.

Another photo taken by a senior I think. I look annoyed for some reason.

A broken mirror, lamp and my favourite glasses. I wore them for the longest time. I've tried getting a pair just like them so many times but have been unable to find a pair. I don't remember who gave me the garfield box.

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