Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dubai trembles

So I was sitting and lost in work when suddenly I began trembling with some force and my chair seemed to be bobbing up and down. I asked Harini if she felt it. She suddenly got up and said ,"Yes! yes! I thought at first you were erasing something on a paper and shaking the whole table." I thought that was quite funny that she would think that. So we all got together outside Sam's office. It seemed everyone felt it and it woke up everyone suddenly. Karren said," I was so scared Miss Parul! I thought someone was shaking my table but when I looked up no one was there! I was so scared Miss Parul!" Karren is our adorable Filipino receptionist. Sam couldn't stop laughing. Harini had her wallet and phone in hand and she said urgently," We should all go down." Rola replied,"Why?" And then Sam took a picture on her phone of all the hullabaloo. "for safety!" said Harini. "why?" Rola said again! Now we are all back to our respective chairs and worlds and quite safe. Thank you for your concern heh heh heh!

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