Tuesday, April 02, 2013

6, Old Lane

As seen through Mukul's camera at our Bombay home. this was taken when we weren't married yet.

And then we got engaged in Delhi. My mother bought me a sari. It was the first sari I've ever owned. My parents saw Anshuman for the first time at our engagement. My fingers were much thinner then and now my engagement ring will never come off thanks to my fat fingers and because I don't want to take it off.

My mother in law gave me sweets I think as is tradition.

And then I got married to my wonderful husband.

Smoking away on my honeymoon in Simla. We took a lot of pictures on our honeymoon all of which seem to be missing. I will have to look for them in Bombay.

Directing a show at Zee during my television days. I'm holding my first cellphone which used to be Anshuman's phone and he gave it to me when he got a new one. I actually lost this phone in an autorickshaw. I remember I cried bucket fulls. I called the number several times. Someone would pick up and remain silent while I cried and pleaded at the other end. Ah well!

This picture was taken by Mukul and I sent it to my parents and of course they loved him :)

In the early years of marriage I wore two rings. My engagement ring on my left and a silver ring on my right hand. Enya sang aften as I wrote incessantly and filled many pages.

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