Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mask of the mummy

That scary looking mask is full of all sorts of goodness as Dr. Olimpia told me and judging by her skin I'm inclined to believe it. So I got myself a caviar facial and it was pampering and painful in turns. First my skin went through microdermabrasion which basically means that a small light sandpaper like vaccum controlled thing took off the top layer of my skin. Then the good doctor tried to clean the little acne on my skin with something pointy at which point I began yelping and she had to stop. She laughed and said,"You have zero threshold of pain." Again I'm inclined to agree with her. Two kinds of herbal goodness was massaged into my skin which was very pleasant and then I my face was covered by the mask which they later gave me as a souvenir. The mask becomes really hard upon drying for half an hour and mummies take it home for the kids to play with and paint on hence it is known affectionately as the mummy mask. After the mask a generous quantity of caviar essence was massaged into my face which was again very pleasant. I was told that usually caviar facials smell quite nasty but the Germans came up with caviar essence which actually smells quite nice. "As everything else the Germans have done it well." said Dr Olimpia. The woman is in her early fifties with the skin of a twenty year old. I'm seriously considering becoming a dermatologist in my next life instead of a famous musician. The good doctor said that the results will become visible in a day or two so I will wait until then to take the thousandth photo of myself. 

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