Tuesday, April 02, 2013

7, Old Lane

Cultural day at NID. I wore my mother's saree. I can't remember who draped it for me.

Travelling in trains was a regular feature and so were khadi kurtas. As always I'm wearing my mother's watch.

A shoot for one of my favourite stores in Ahmedabad called Bandhej. The three girls are all my seniors and I don't think I spoke to them more than five words together during my entire stay at NID.

Another picture from the same shoot.

My first dog, a stray that I picked up in Ahmedabad. I remember I got him to my flat and immediately bathed him till he smelled like flowers.

The sun burnt tomboy wearing a red sweater, a red shirt and acid wash high waist jeans. I was probably 13 years old. This was taken at a school trip to Manali. I look so happy :)


Anonymous said...

Though they say looking at old pictures can be mood elevating and therapeutic-Reading your posts and looking at all the pictures made me cry sitting right here at my desk.It brought back a lot of memories.Memories of our shared childhood, school days, our last meeting when you were in NID and i got married.Both of us were making new beginnings(which now seems like an end for me).We got disconnected for such a long time.In every true sense of the world.We have come a long way,far away from where we bagan.But going back to those memories will always bring back memories-happy and sad.
To memories-past and present!

parul gahlot said...

I know what you mean. But this ending in your life is in fact a new beginning. It's nature's cycle that when one thing dies another takes it's place. You're a strong woman and you will build a new life for yourself and people who love you will always be in your corner. Remember I'm always here for you. Love and kisses!