Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red eyed Kaddu

That's what I look like today- a red eyed kaddu with big glasses. My eyes got red yesterday and are still red so I can't wear my lenses and resultantly look like a nerdy kaddu. Yesterday evening was great fun. The car was filthy and I had to get it cleaned so I went down put the key in the ignition and- nothing. I did it again and again and again and nothing. "This car just doesn't like me" I thought to myself. I got the number for the recovery vehicle and took half an hour to explain the directions to the office. The Pathan came and checked under the hood. He twisted some buttons on the battery and then sat in the driver's seat and VOILA !it started. He told me,"Madam there's nothing wrong with your car Madam. The gear was in drive, it has to be in Parking for it to start." I wanted to kick myself. He took money for his trouble and went away. The car needs to go for service but I don't want to chase taxis so I have been delaying the inevitable. That's one of my worst pictures but I hope it will make my one and a half readers smile so I decided to put it up anyway. I look like a cross eyed troll. OK I hate the way I look today but it's funny nevertheless.
The November issue of POSE is complete and the design work is on. I feel like having a coffee although what I should do is to call the service center and give the car. It needs some repair work as well thanks to my questionable parking skills. Damn I just don't want to part with the car even though I'm convinced it doesn't like me. I'll go get that coffee.
My eyes are really hurting now. I hope it's not conjunctivitis. I hope I got the spelling right. Looking at the computer is just making it worse. The coffee is pretty good. Nescafe is not half bad. I'm not happy about having sugar but what to do.

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