Thursday, November 01, 2012

Post #7A

I couldn't think of a title for today's post. I had to go to a doctor day before due to the eyes watering like a river. The GP gave me two eye drops and referred me to an ophthalmologist  I met the ophthalmologist yesterday morning who checked my eyes inside out including upturning my lid which made me very uncomfortable. I was seeing double for a while which scared me a bit but she put some drops and it got alright. So I have conjunctivitis and was sent home yesterday. I spent most of the day sleeping so as to avoid staring at any kind of screens. It can get pretty boring when you can't stare at any screens and yet it's refreshing for the eyes. Winter has been threatening to arrive for a while now and it's the beginning of November yet no sign of that nip in the air. Nothing. The sky gets clouded sometimes, five drops of rain fell last Wednesday and it was a full moon night. The moon was poetic that night and made me want to write something beautiful but I wrote nothing. Nothing at all.

The weekend begins today evening. I feel like eating cheesecake so soft and moist which melts in your mouth or a chocolate mousse cake or something wonderfully sweet. A cup of coffee will have to suffice. What a poor substitute. Claudia's sister is in labour and Harini has a headache. The two are unrelated ofcourse. The point is that neither of them is in office today so it's unusually quiet but for the music. Enya is hmming away. I like her.

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