Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My favourite story

A few months more than twelve years ago I was going to convocate in Ahmedabad. I was happy and I remember it was a lovely day. There was this sweet unassuming altogether wonderful guy I was in a relationship with. He was in Bombay. We had met on ICQ chat, that chat software with a colourful flower icon. My first words to him were," I have 5 minutes." We ended up chatting for three and a half hours. That netcafe was called coscron and it made a lot of money off me. It was 12 years ago so you might not remember. As I was sitting in a row of friends convocating with me I saw this guy standing in the crowd waving at me. I remember suddenly this happiness descend upon me. I had already got my diploma from a dignitary that I don't remember so he missed it. After the ceremony was over we went for a walk. He told me he had travelled in the general compartment of the train without a ticket to make it to my graduation day. I was so touched. On the path behind what used to be the Old Canteen he suddenly said,"Marry me!" I smiled and said,"Ofcourse" It was the most natural thing and after all these years it's still the most natural thing to be married and to love and be loved by a guy who is a king among men. I love you Anshuman.

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