Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tea at the Ritz

So I went to this event at the Ritz Carlton in DIFC. The event is called Divalicious as it is in anticipation of Divali and it was good fun. Here are a few pictures of the myriad stuff that I saw. On the left is an idol of Radha and Krishna which I liked so much that I took a picture of it. A lady screamed at me and said,"No pictures!!" by which time I had already clicked so now I can copy her original concept and sell it online. If you look carefully you can see the annoyed aunty approaching on the right side of the picture. There were a lot of clothes and jewellery and spa products which I had no interest in shooting so mostly I clicked the paintings.

There was an art exhibition by a gallery called Art Zest. Some nice work. This one on the right caught my eye with it's vibrant colours. This painting made me so happy somehow.

These cows caught my eye. There's something so innocent and peaceful about them. I loved the colours and the expression of the artist. It reminds me of something I once said to Maya. I remember I said,"Maya your eyes are so lovely." to which she promptly replied,"Yeah like a cow." Maya is funny. And so sweet.

No exhibition is complete without some pensive looking women. There should be women laughing with abandon in paintings. That I would love to see. So much Indian art is full of angst about women. Does it have to be that way?

This abstract large piece also caught my eye. I loved the colours so I took a picture of it.

The Buddha with a spiral emanating from his third eye. A spiritual painting which brings a sense of peace and calm. I like Buddha paintings.

So I met B there. Yes B because she doesn't want me to mention her name on my blog for some reason. I had tea and she had an exotic mix of Vodka and Kahlua. The coffee shop is called Can Can and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

That's B, who over time has become one of my dearest friends. The exotic cocktail made her quite giggly which was highly amusing and entertaining. The rose you see in the picture above is now with her. She actually asked the waitress if she could take it. She is only more than a decade younger than me and yet we get along like a house on fire. I'm lucky in my friends.
She seemed to know a whole lot of people at the exhibition. So it was like,"Hello aunty! Oh How are you? Long time" after every three minutes. I hadn't met her in a long time and it was lovely to see her.

Before I forget I bought a box of chocolates because I fell in love with the box. Anshuman gets the chocolates and I'm sure he will not mind. Ah! Lovely day this has been and now it's time to call it just that.

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