Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ending up with Sinead O' Connor

It's not such a bad thing. This song "thief of your heart" just gets even more amazing every time that I hear it. I love the way it begins ever so softly like a love song and then turns into a plaintive scream that can only be sung by someone as passionate as Sinead. I love the woman for singing the way she does. Sometimes I think she doesn't like men a lot. She has confessed to being more of a lesbian than a heterosexual although she has been married four times. I remember another song which begins in the softest of notes called "last day of our aquaintance" in which she goes on to sing "This is the last day of our aquaintance, I will meet you later in somebody's office. I'll talk but you won't listen to me. I know what your answer will be." Sinead suffers from Bipolar disorder. It's not strange that her songs reflect the sudden switch in moods from love to anger and everything that lies in between. She's a difficult artist for me to love because I am more of a soft music kind of person but sometimes Sinead screams right into my heart and speaks what I will probably never say so I sing vicariously through her. In her words,"Thank you for breaking my heart, Thank you for tearing me apart." Thank you.

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