Monday, October 22, 2012

Old skin

So I went for an anti ageing treatment for the magazine's 'tried and liked' section. I went to the Town Center in Jumeirah. I've been there once before but I had completely forgotten about it. The last time I went there the dermatologist looked at my skin and suggested some really expensive 'peels' which were way beyond my budget at the time. This time I went in for a 'skin tightening' facial treatment. It started with cleansing the skin and a microdermabrasion which essentially feels like a sand papery thing going over your skin while the machine that it is attached to makes a Ghrrrrrrr sound. It was a bit unnerving at first but I just hoped the result would be worth it. Basically what the ghrrrrrr machine does is that it peels off dead skin and brightens it up in the process essentially making your skin a shade lighter. This was followed by a laser treatment for removing fine lines and tightening the skin. This was a bit more scary as the laser machine not only does ghrrrrr it also goes ding! ding! ding! while the laser is directed to your face. My eyes were shut with tea soaked cotton pads which were cool but the laser heat sometimes became uncomfortable and I was just praying the whole time that I will not come out looking like a lobster in this whole process. Sometimes I end up asking myself if I would go for these anti ageing treatments if I actually had to pay for them? Honestly I don't really have a problem with the lines that have appeared under my eyes. The hair that have impossibly thinned and are turning grey. Ofcourse I want to look nice and presentable but do I want to look younger than my years? I really don't think so. I've never had a problem with owning up to my age. I think every age in life has it's own beauty, it's own specific joy and I would rather embrace that than try to reverse the clock. But these trips to the various salons are nice experiments and till now the results have been pretty good so why not!
The treatment ended at 2:30 and I was so hungry that I wolfed down a whole English breakfast accompanied by a Mocha in record time. The result of the treatment is pretty good so far. I do actually look a shade lighter but my skin is a bit irritable and hopefully that should subside in a day or two. I've been told to drink a litre of water everyday and I hope I can manage to drink even half of that. While I was at town Center I was drawn into this shop where I ended up picking up this ridiculously expensive thing which needs me to work on it everyday if I'm ever going to finish it. Here's a picture of it. Am I ever going to finish it, only God knows. I did finish a much smaller one while I was sick for a month in Delhi but then I worked on that one non stop. But I so wanted to try so I bought it. And I'm happy that I did. Here's a picture of it. I will keep posting pictures of it as it progresses. More stuff for the blog :)

Yesterday I ended up buying a pair of glittery slippers. I did try to wear them today morning but they seemed all wrong. May be with another dress they might look right.

And that's yours truly having tea at the Ritz yesterday. The reason these images are appearing in today's post is that B took the pictures yesterday and got around to sending them today but since they are happy pictures I decided to include them on the blog. As you can see I'm posing with the kettle exactly like B told me to :)

There was this colour and smell test that I took while I was at Diwalicious. The only thing I remember is that the lady told me I'm heading towards "Inner knowledge and confidence" because I chose golden colour which had a really strong smell that stayed in my hands even after I washed them. I forgot what I need in the present and some other things about two other colours that I chose. As always I picked up on the best thing she said and decided to repress all the rest. The day is ending and I'm going to go home and work with a needle after years and years. I'm so excited. Wish me luck that I may have the discipline and dedication to finish the piece I bought today. I seem to have somehow missed mentioning that the picture with the flowers is that of a cross stitch kit. It's fairly complicated with a whole lot of colours but I enjoy cross stitch so bring on the needle and the threads and all the lovely colours!

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