Sunday, October 07, 2012

Just saying hello

Hello. It's been a tiring fruitful day and I'm very thankful. The November issue of POSE goes to print tomorrow and I finished the final proof. Somehow everything hurts after resting through most of the weekend. I went to a quiz organised by the IIM alumni. It was fun. I was in a team with hubby and a friend. I actually knew a few of the questions which made hubby very proud plus I was the only female member in the various teams. Strangely there were very few women at the gathering. The guy conducting the quiz was quite funny sometimes not intentionally. Our team stood fifth and I'm very proud of my contribution. Anshuman patted my back and said,"I'm very proud of you." I burst out laughing.

That reminds me of something else that happened. I had had this special Oxygen facial treatment and I was supposed to be glowing after three to four days. So after three to four days I was sitting in the car with my husband and we were leisurely driving back from a party. I had my make up on and I put on the light of the car mirror and looking at myself I asked him,"Am I glowing?". He looked at me with "what the fuck am I supposed to say" eyes and I burst out laughing and when I explained why I asked the question he replied," If you put on the mirror light, wear full make up and ask me that what am I expected to say??" I let it go. Marriage has made me very wise. It's very funny this marriage.

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