Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gone baby gone!

The long weekend begins in an hour and seventeen minutes and I'll be gone baby gone! Last two days have been hectic as hell with things literally going topsy turvy and everyone around me panicking while I retained a zen like inner calm. I'm getting to be good at that. So my cross stitch kit had only half the graph and I had to return it today and exchange it for another one. This one is a little bit easier but very pretty nevertheless. I like flowers. If I ever get around to finishing the piece I will be extremely proud of myself. It's better than watching mindless TV in the evening or whiling away time on the internet.
Sinead O'Connor is singing a nice song. It's called Thank you. Somehow it represents my inner calm very well and my inner turmoil even better. Here's the link.

Thank you - Sinead O' Connor

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