Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Trains and winter rains

It's been a long time since I shared a song. This song by Enya reminds me of a night in Cyprus when Anshuman and I were running towards our favourite restaurant and it was raining. There were no trains but the rain was lovely and it was a cold night. The waitress at that restaurant was a Romanian girl called Kate. She got to know us well and welcomed us in. Rain gathered in puddles and we ate dinner dressed in soggy clothes. I remember I wore a blue cotton dress which I still have. It was a lovely night and this is a lovely song.


Trains And Winter Rains

City Streets passing by,
Underneath stormy skies.

Neon signs in the night,
Red and blue city lights.
Cargo trains rolling by,
Once again someone cries.

Trains and winter rains,
No going back, No going home.
Trains across the plains,
And in the sky, the star alone.

Everytime, it's the same.
One more night, one more train.
Everywhere empty roads,
Where they go, no-one knows

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