Monday, February 13, 2006

Dream inside a week

think about you all the time
try to count droplets in the rain
and then try to count I love yous
Both defy numbers
sometimes wish for wings
sometimes wish to move time
in and out of space
run along living skies
breathe inside your skin
change the roads
and addresses
live in someone else's house
for a dream inside a week


sinusoidally said...

Isn't your darling a lucky man? :-)

anshuman said...

yes he is
a lucky man
yes he is

anshuman said...

sorry the corny rhyme in the first comment was unintentional...

Parul Gahlot said...

You're a sweetheart!:-)

Fingers said...

You're from Nid, aren't you?!
Boo to GC!!

Fingers said...

yayy!! I'm from NID.

What discipline did you do?

jolly gabriel said...

are you still counting droplets and I love yous or is he back yet?