Monday, April 10, 2006

Delhi Bombay

I took the flight to Bombay day before yesterday. The flight was rocky and the food was bad. The Subway sandwich sucked. I don't know why so many people eat the dry subway sandwich. My co passenger was a young boy fresh out of school called Vikram Singh. He noticed me looking inside the sandwich and told me to ' just have it!'. I still couldn't finish it.

I'm slightly scared of flying. The moment the plane picks up speed on the runway I get a little nervous. I had little time to be afraid this time as the boy Vikram kept complaing about how hot it was. He is taking a break after studies and training to be a pilot. His father is rich and therefore can afford to let him be. I took the advice of another pilot who told me to relax my body and distract my self with a magazine. I followed to the letter, read and wrote in my little notebook. The flight landed on time. I made it.

Standing in line for the luggage I looked out for Anshuman. I remembered my parents in Delhi. I thought that I would cry at the airport but I didn't. When I used to go to Ahmedabad to study I would always cry a little bit in the train. This time strangely enough there were only smiles.

I found Anshuman at the arrival gate. I met him after 6 months but hugging him felt like home. Everything felt fine.

The rude traffic jam told me in the voices of horns, engines, exhaust pipes, fumes I was temporarily home from another home and about to go to another home in another country that I have never been to. Bombay UAE next.


Arun Gupta said...

Dear Parul,

May all your 'homes' come alive with your endearing presence. May you get all the peace & joy which is rightfully yours. May the world be duly rewarded with your creative vision and output.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Parul,

I had a Subway Sandwich last night and I really loved it...infact i'm addicted to it.

You did not like it perhaps due to fear of flying.

Try a chicken sandwich, you'll love it.

No Hard Feelings!!!