Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Come to my home
and I will show you a dvd
Come stand by the bedroom window
so I can tell you about his six half read books
Come take a look into the drawers
that I organised six months ago
Come relax in our study
find your fortune in six decks of cards
Come look in that corner
holding the bags we came in
Come I'll teach you how to use
the music system remote
Come have a drink
juice, whiskey, vodka, beer or flavored sparkling water
Come eat at our table that we never use
Kababs, chiken, mutton, dal, rice, rotis and more
Come take a look around
you'll find the dog follows gladly
Come and stay
here at home


anshuman said...

If Norah Jones was dead
Sh'd be twisting and turning in her grave
Well Done!

Sunil Deepak said...

That sounds like "we are a wee bit lonely, we need guests"! Why don't you put on some pictures of that house so that we can all admire them even without coming there?
:-) Guddu mama

Veenu said...

my darlin' Parul...makes me want to hire a Cadillac (that nostalgic !!!)...and get on the road for dunno how long...beautiful..sounds a bit like my house...except for the TAROT decks...u think virtual readings can be organised...see I already paid heed...realism from cynicism...or may be not!

Anonymous said...

Love your writing!

Mukul said...

ahha! ab to ana hi padega! lovely pome!

jolly gabriel said...

Very nicely written Parul, Is that an open invitation to your home with all disclaimers :)

adi said...

* conditions apply.
**all the offers in the above document are subject to mutual agreements.

Parul Gahlot said...

You're all welcome to my home :)
Thanks for your comments

Anonymous said...

If YOU cook all that,I am feeling tempted to come.Bahar ka khaana bahut ho gaya.

Shanty said...

Methinks you and Anshu need to come to our place. I'm sure Anshu would love to partake of some of the mutton curry I'd made for him last year. And there's a lot of booze that's waiting to be quaffed. Let's do it before I'm back home for good. Nice snaps those of Cyprus. Must make it next time.