Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dear blog

Ever since I got here I have been shopping incessently. I have been to at least four shopping malls. All sorts of brands are available. I have no fear of escalators anymore. I saw Syriana( Understood very little of it), Darna Zaroori hai( 1st 15 mins as Anshuman and I didn't like the film) Mistress of Spices ( Aishwarya Rai looks like a zombie in another bad film) Ice Age 2 ( Loved it, must see, only two other people were in the theatre) It seems there are more seats in the theatres here as compared to the number people. I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.
I went to this lovely place called Irish Village in Dubai. Very nice. It has life size sculptures of three men sitting with various musical instruments. A firang boy sings live every evening. The songs are familiar and enjoyable.
I have met more new people in a span of two weeks than I did in the last couple of months. Most of them are in advertising alongwith Anshuman. My yoga classes are going well. I still can't touch my toes. The deep relaxation exercise is very relaxing. Lie on your back in shavasana and close your eyes....Relaaax...Observe your toes...relaaax, observe your ankles...relaaax, observe your on and so forth!

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