Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The conveyer belts of Dubai

It was my first time walking on a conveyer belt. Anshuman warned me that I should stop just before getting off otherwise I would get thrown off like he did when he got here. We waited for another conveyer belt to spew out our baggage and excess baggage. I got my retina scanned at the airport.
Went to the Supermarket to buy sabzi and there was a cute little conveyer belt there too right next to the cash counter. Then ofcourse another one to take the trolley down from the first floor right upto the taxi cab. I don't know what happened to lifting and walking although I am not complaining.
I went to IKEA and that was a pleasure beyond words. Their furniture is just beautiful. My darling husband looked almost scared at the expression of happiness on my face. I realised that the mattress of our new bed costs more than the bed itself. I got the chest of drawers I always wanted. I will transfer my squashed clothes from the suitcase into the drawers. The storage area at IKEA was so huge that it reminded me of the perspective drawings I never managed to make at NID. I felt like a tiny little person in a good way. They just came and assembled everything and it all looks great.
I tried my hand at cooking after a loong time. The dal chawal was ok but I think I burnt the sabzi a little bit. Anshuman liked it anyway. He is my husband after all he has to like it! Will try something else today.
Everything is new. I'm taking it one day at a time. Ever since I got here I feel like becoming an international spy with my new passport, learning a few languages, losing some weight and going to all sorts of new places with conveyer belts... or may be I could be an interpreter.


Mukul said...

god it all sounds so nice parul, wish i were there to see it all!

sinusoidally said...

Hee hee that was funny. I make horrible food too but my fiance always says he likes it. :-)

delhidreams said...

poor anshuman ;)
but i like ur writing,
there is still some innocence left there, i feel
best of luck for your future life and especially for burnt subji's

Anonymous said...

Hey parul... welcome to Dubai ... I am back in town too... maybe I could drop in to meet you and Anshuman sometime... my cell no is 0502485336... Tabrez

Sunil Deepak said...

Hello Parul & Mridul. Glad that finally you two are together and buying sabzi in Sharjah is fun!
:-) Guddu mama