Friday, September 29, 2006

Adi and Atul's tag

I will try to write 8 things about me....

1. I literally like getting cold feet and then sit for 15 minutes doing nothing but feeling them get warm inside a quilt.

2. I am passionate about Tarot cards and collect different decks. Someday I hope to teach tarot.

3. I once took off from hostel to Mandu with three other friends at 2 in the night. Most exciting journey ever. While coming back there was a convoy of police following our bus as dacoits frequented that area and the driver was drunk. At one point he stopped on the road and sat down in the middle of it. Good fun.

4. I learnt hindustani classical music for 4 years in school but made no use of it whatsoever and now can hardly carry a tune.

5. I dislike people overly concerned with appearances and propriety. I prefer casual even shabby people who think little before they speak and therefore have a high dgree of transparency.

6. If given a choice ( and I have had that choice for some time) I would spend all my days reading books and dreaming weird dreams.

7. I love painting water colours to death but I spoil at least fifty sheets before coming up with one semi decent one.

8. I always talk to taxi drivers despite having been told specifically not to. I can't help it they sometimes have really intersting stories to tell.

I will not tag anyone but if anyone would like to take it up do let me know!


Atul Sabnis said...

i agree @ taxi drivers. even their philosopy and take on life is very interesting! Thank you for doing the tag!

adi said...

kabhi dilli ke late night bus passengers ko try karna aap dono ;)

from kishore kumar to osho, u'll get everyone

thanks parul