Sunday, November 26, 2006

Heaven's autorickshaw

If she walks out on you at 5 am
wades through thigh high rain
runs towards an auto rickshaw
that's always there like a speck of a
vision from heaven's window pane

Don't try to follow
or try to guess where she's off to
She may be running beacause she can
She may have stopped to sit with you for 2 years
because mostly you're a funny guy

Wait for about 7 months
You will get a letter may be
with a lipstick mark luscious and full
and if you're not careful it
will cause your wife to quarrel

So if she leaves at 5 am
and all music sounds like a broken nail
just know that she will find that autorickshaw
come rain, storm or hail


adi said...

and who is she???

pappu poppins said...

heyy u have a damm interesting blog... read through most of it.. very nicely written

rajat nagpal said...

when did you write this...? it sounds like it has been written by a sensitive man...

shalini singh said...

Didn't know you write so well..... from the heart, not just this, have been just surfing through.............i like it! Great..... its open, honest and fresh.
u should seriously consider writing,

Anonymous said...

And know when you said we are one for this one and seven more
the autorickshaw of today was the red chariot of roses of yesterday
the 5' 0 clock was not a call for the black and yellow.. on the street
But a scream of ecstasy in union of all blue.. in the bedroom
The hand was not waiving to a stranger to rescue her; now
But digging on your back to liberate her; never
May be, lipstick marks will come your way;
May be, wifey will not know;
But You will for today and always that never again can you savor the naked passion of rain, hail or storm; That's what you lost her to..raw moment of insanity to challenge the power of sustenance

Every night the auto-Puller stalks outside your and my home; The doom of your and my hollow pride waits for her/ him on the Puller seat
Secure the doors
Let the Puller wait; grow old and die
Or; let her greet him today at 5 am

And know the meter reads "vanity is my favorite sin!"