Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Thursday

Thursdays are pretty happy days as the weekend smiles at you at the end of it. There's a sneeze stuck in my nose and it's the most annoying feeling in the world. So we got a Nespresso machine in the office and I've kind of switched to coffee from tea but the drawback is that I cannot have coffee without at least a little bit of sugar in it. Without sugar coffee is just poison.

So it's Elie's birthday party on the 27th and everyone has to wear pink. Honestly I think I look much too horrid in pink. When he had the same bash last year it was the same theme and I didn't go because I couldn't find anything pink to wear. I'm hoping this year I will find something that makes me look at least half decent. There are going to be quite a few parties in the coming months as the winter sets in. I like dressing up I just get physically tired because of the late nights. But it's fun to dance and let your hair down every once in a while.

Ninna seems to be back to her old self. My little best friend. I love her. I'm sure she was my daughter in some past life. Lana Del Rey is singing 'Kiss me in the d-a-r-k dark tonight' A whole generation in fact may be humanity as a whole suffers from love thanks to utterly stupid love songs. If there was no music so many people would be saved from the obvious pitfalls of falling in love. Ok I'm done being bitchy :)

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soulitude said...

I like pink! :) And Im sure u look nice in pink. We all tend to be a bit harsh with ourselves! Maybe Ninna was ur mamma or behna, who knows! :) And I think mujic was created as a catharsis to overcome the pitfalls of falling in laoooooo! :)