Friday, September 07, 2012

Porsching around

So I came here to the yas marina circuit to the Porsche club meet plus drive and as of now I'm bored out of my skull because Anshuman had to get here a lot earlier and now he has disappeared so I'm sitting alone with my trusted phone and furiously typing away to kill some time. Ah he's here now. The race track is quite impressive. I only hope I will not throw up due to the high speed of the car.

So I didn't actually throw up during the ride. It is exhilarating for the first fifteen minutes but then it gets really hot under the helmet. Your palms begin to sweat and you start to get very tired. Altogether it's recommended to everyone at least once. I was surprised that the high speed didn't really scare me but after 45 minutes of going around the track and going through endless turns as the car speeded up and then slowed down and my body was being thrown in all directions I got exhausted. I tried to remain in my seat wondering when my head might go through the windshield. It was altogether fun but I won't do it again. I'm not a creature of thrills. I like peace too much. Haha.

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soulitude said...

Im not a creature of thrills and adventure either and Id rather do 'bumping cars' or whatever that is called lol!