Wednesday, September 12, 2012

L'atelier des chefs

For those of you who know not French that means Chefs' Studio. I didn't know either, I just asked Claudia the Wikipedia (I mean that in a good way). So as part of a team building exercise five of us from the office went to The Meridien hotel and got us a class in French cooking. On your left is the menu. Nothing less than a lovely three course lunch would do for us girls! Oh and by the way there was no wine otherwise we would have been found sleeping afterwards.

We got these great chef aprons that we were able to take home. Mine is still in the office drawer because I rarely cook although I should try and cook more. There are so many things that I should do... sigh... thinking about all of them is exhausting...

Our chef was the very French young man called Jeremy Coste. His French accent was adorable and he kept tasting the food every now and then and basically we helped him cook everything beginning from chopping onins, slicing capsicum to frying pumpkin in double cream. My mouth has begun to water thinking about it.

That's Maya cooking the lamb. She's such an adorable young girl. If I ever have a daughter I hope she turns out to be like her. Love love love.

That's Claudia, Assistant Editor extraordinaire and a darn good cook. She did the Tuna perfectly while I butchered it when slicing it into cubes. My apologies to the chef and Claudia.

That's the Nicoise Salad. You can't see the lone quail egg in the middle but I must confess that I did a great job of peeling it. The Tuna was fried by Claudia and she did it to perfection.

Presenting the main course- Lamb with butternut risotto. I loved the risotto and could barely eat the lamb because I was so full of the rice.

The Chocolate Fondant was pure sin. Maya was speechless. We all went quiet and just ate and ate and ate. Wow it was something else and I'm so hungry now that I can't even begin to describe the feeling. Damn diabetes!

That's Samantha, Claudia, Maya and Keti busy slicing colourful Capsicums. It was great fun and I hope there are many more such events in the future.

Oh baby Chocolate Fondant is probably one of the best things a man can make. After our meal we were all ready to drop off into a siesta but came back to work instead with dreams of chocolate...

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soulitude said...

Yummy! And by that I meant the chef rather than the food ;) Im glad u enjoyed it! And though I have a diploma in french I have to confess Iv forgotten most of it so I dint know atelier as well! And you are very modest about your cooking skills I must say ;)