Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teen Patti

Friday night was great fun. I love playing cards and even though Poker is my favourite even teen patti or flash is a great game to play. There were about 20 people in all. Someone was raving about their holiday at the French riviera. A very nice woman whose name I forget. She teaches little kids all day and I salute her for her patience. She told me the kids happily put a finger in their nose and then come and hold her hand to say hello so handsoap is her best friend.

So the teen patti session started and we were divided in to two tables of eight. I was sitting next to a very sullen woman whom I didn't like. I tried to change my table but was promptly sent back to the sullen woman's table as husbands and wives were not meant to sit together. Anshuman was at the other table. Finally I stood at the host's head till she let me sit with Anshuman. I drank a non alcoholic pomogrenate and something else spritzer which I liked a lot and there were all sorts of snacks which I hogged on. I won a lot and was named 'the strong and silent' type. At the end of the game if I was in most people just threw their cards. I quite like that feeling. I won a lot of money and left at 12 while my suitably inebriated husband stayed till three and played some more. All in all a good weekend. Saturday was spent happily sleeping and cleaning the house. I watched a lot of cricket. Gayle was a storm. Today it's an India England match which should be interesting. I will be home by the time they are into the third over. I hope India will bat second.

I have to go for a facial today for our 'tried and liked' section of POSE magazine. I like the perks of this job. Will share how it went soon!

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