Sunday, September 09, 2012

Angels and light

There was a time when I and some friends were so into reiki and then I lost touch. We spoke about auras and beings of light and we spoke about kind souls and gaurdian angels. And then I lost faith and didn't really realise why or when that happened. May be it's called growing up. Reiki and the book the celestine prophecy then seemed to make so much sense and we got into it head first. It was easy to believe in souls and angels. As one has grown cynicism seems to have taken it's place and one does not believe in what one cannot see.

But sometimes I want to believe. The closest I come to is using it as a sleeping pill. I imagine a crescent moon and lying in it's curve covered with a feather quilt with stars twinkling all around. A guardian angle sending me light and blessings and I swear within five minutes of visualising this pretty cliche scenario peace descends upon me and I fall asleep. Do I believe in angels? I'm not sure. Do I want to? SO much. SO much.


soulitude said...

Lovely! I love the pic of the angel that u have put up! At a core level I do believe in all of this even though reality often teaches or shows me otherwise! We cant see God either but we believe so I do feel that there is another world out there and we cannot see it for some good reason! Im digressing a bit here but I suddenly remembered my Scotland trip where the tour guide who was also the driver told us stories of fairies and angels which we drove from the lowlands to the highlands and in places like that U really feel that they do exist!

soulitude said...

Just replace the 'which; with 'while' in the comment lol! and I dont believe that I will have to prove that Im not a robot even to write only this much .... hahaha!

Bhawna said...

Angels n fairies and a lot of other creatures exist on a different level of vibration, that's all. I am sure there are a couple of fairies sipping on their immortality wines and sighing, " What's really going on with these humans?! They need to type in words on their little computer screens just to prove they are not robots. No wonder they dont believe in us"