Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zheng He's

Anshuman was in the mood to take me out for a lovely dinner, the kind where you dress up and look nice. I love those so as you can see I dressed up for it and wore my white shoes for the first time. Wore my favourite (and the only one) Pandora bracelet, slapped my make up on and was ready for the Chinese restaurant Zheng He's at Madinat Jumeirah. The dress looks much better in reality when I can manage not crumple it up in five seconds. The only way for my hair to look half decent is to not comb it so I didn't.

The restaurant is in the Madinat Jumeirah hotel and has a lovely quiet understated elegance with the oriental ambience to go with it. We decided to sit in the open air area by the lake with a view of the Burj Al arab. Here are some lovely pictures of the place. Our waiter was a sweet Chinese fellow who mispronounced my name as "Rahul" for some reason. Anshuman decided not to have wine and since I gave up alcohol some time ago I refrained as well. We ordered Crystal prawn dim sum which was wonderful with chili sauce. wok fried king prawn followed with barbecue chicken rice.

The dessert was Chilled mango pudding, pomelo, lychee sorbet. Yumminess in a plate. I loved it even though my teeth nearly froze. I should really stop the whole dessert fetish before my blood sugar spikes.

And here's Anshuman my darling man. I love him to bits for treating me so so good. I hope we can go on a trip together soon. It would be so much fun. Our quick trip to Sri Lanka got cancelled and that was a bummer but may be next year we will be able to take a long holiday together.

And here is yours truly. If you haven't already gotten sick of my pictures on this blog here's another one. Tonight there's a party at the swanky Alegra and I'm looking forward to the dancing! Life is good baby!

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